undifferentiated marketing

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What is Undifferentiated Marketing?

It is a market coverage strategy in which a firm decides to ignore market segment differences and go after the whole market with a single offer. It is also known as mass marketing, where one message fits all consumers in a specific target.

Undifferentiated Marketing vs. Other Target Marketing Strategies

When a firm decides to ignore market segmentation differences, targeting the whole market, the firm focuses on the common needs of consumers and not what is different. In essence, the company designs a product and marketing campaign that appeals to the broadest possible audience in their market.

When companies engage in undifferentiated marketing, challenges arise when developing a product or brand that satisfies all consumers. Mass-marketers find that competing with firms with focused marketing strategies that meet the needs of specific target groups perform better than their mass marketing efforts.

Other target marketing levels include differentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, and micromarketing.

undifferentiated marketing



When Henry Ford first introduced the Model-T in 1908, the advertisement read, “The Ford Four Cylinder, Twenty Horse Power, Five Passenger Touring Car $850.00 Fob. Detroit.” The vehicle was available in black only. Today, there is an automobile maker for every type of lifestyle. Marketers focus on vehicle differences and target specific market segments based on the vehicle make and model.

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