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Crisis Communication – How to Communicate To Your Customers During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic caught many businesses, specifically B2B firms, unprepared to manage a crisis of its magnitude. Addressing supply chain challenges, customer support, and customer communication proved toilsome, especially for businesses without a crisis communication plan. Due to COVID-19 and lack of preparedness, many B2B firms found that customers were switching to other suppliers for various […]

Customer Engagement Marketing to Grow Your Brand

To improve your customer engagement strategies, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help.” -Kellogg School of Management   Mass Marketing: Marketing from the Past If you do not have a customer engagement marketing strategy, you may miss out on opportunities to build your brand and grow your business.  Businesses engaging their customers are […]

Three-Step Writing Process for Business Communications

  Effective business writing is essential to a company because it creates efficient communication that leads to: Increased productivity  Faster problem solving  More decisive decision-making Increased profits  It also helps boost the organization’s credibility. To some professionals, writing is a daunting task. So much so that they have a fear of penning ink on paper and […]

Writing SMART Goals for Marketing

According to this Psychology Today article, setting goals is linked to self-confidence, motivation, and autonomy. Additionally, psychologist Gail Matthews conducted a 2015 study on goal setting. She learned that you are 42% more likely to complete goals by just writing them down SMART goals first emerged in 1981 when George T. Doran, a consultant and […]