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7 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Small Businesses? As a business owner, you may have pondered the question, “why is digital marketing important for small businesses?” After all, if you have a storefront, you probably assume that customers should come and buy from you. While that may be the past business model, today’s savvy small […]

Strategic Control — Marketing Control Tools

The final of the four primary marketing control tools is strategic control. Every company should occasionally reevaluate its strategic approach to its marketplace. They need to determine if their overall marketing effectiveness — concerning long-term goals — meets their response to the marketing environment by reviewing their approach. Specifically, the review helps determine the firm’s […]

22 Factors that Improve Your B2B Website Quality SEO Ranking

How do you build a high-quality B2B website according to Google?  Quality is a subjective concept. The Oxford dictionary defines quality as: The Standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. The definition of quality can vary from person to person, and what is quality […]

Efficiency Control — Marketing Control Tools

Efficiency Control The efficiency control portion of the marketing control process measures spending efficiency as it relates to marketing activities. As you may have read in the Profitability Control Analysis article that profitability control concerns itself with where the firm is making or losing money in regards to: Product Territory Customer Segment Trade channel Order size Efficiency […]

Profitability Control — Marketing Profitability Analysis

Marketing Profitability Analysis Defined Profitability control is a marketing control tool used to perform marketing profitability analysis. The profitability analysis is a systematic and logical process used to analyze profits earned from various marketing activities and marketing channels. Firms show a growing interest in using marketing profitability analysis to quantify the true profitability of varying […]

Financial Analysis Control Tool

Financial Analysis Control Tool Explained The fourth tool for measuring the annual control plan is the financial analysis control tool. This analysis tool looks at the relationship between the expense-to-sales analysis (ratio) and the overall financial framework to analyze where and how the company is making or losing money concerning marketing activities. In other words, it’s an […]

Marketing Expense-to-Sales Analysis

Marketing Expense-To-Sales Analysis Explained The marketing expense-to-sales analysis is one of four tools in the marketing annual control plan. As discussed in the article, The Marketing Control Process for your Business, the analysis is partly responsible for ensuring that a company reaches its financial goals. The ratio helps monitor marketing expenses, ensuring that a firm does […]

Market Share Analysis – Annual Plan Control

Is Your Company or Product Leading or Trailing the Competition? The market share analysis is another tool used as part of the marketing annual plan control and closely related to the sales analysis tool. Market share indicates how your company is doing in terms of unit or revenue sales compared to your competition. However, market […]