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We at Marketing Binder are building a community of marketing professionals passionate about sharing their expertise and learning from one another while helping business leaders grow their businesses.

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Our Methodology

Our primary goal is to offer marketing students, marketers, and business leaders with insightful education and marketing tools that fuses theory with practitioner insights so they can build a stronger foundation in executing their marketing strategies.

Through a variety of marketing tools such as educational videos, downloadable products, and professional marketers, Marketing Binder provides services to help business owners and leaders, marketing professionals, and students succeed.

Through our community of marketing professionals, we offer an exchange of ideas and a pool of talent to help business leaders and owners —  across the USA — grow their businesses.(Community opens summer 2021.)

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A Brief History

Allen Stafford Marketing Binder Portrait
Allen Stafford, marketing professional and founder of Marketing Binder.

The Beginning: 2006 – 2013

Marketing Binder initially launched in 2006 by marketing expert and college instructor Allen Stafford as a website resource for his business students. Initially, Marketing Binder offered marketing terms and academic marketing research articles for students taking marketing, marketing communications, business communications, or design courses taught by Allen.

The Consulting Years: 2014 – 2020

After using the website as an academic resource, Marketing Binder became Allen’s consulting platform. He offered consulting services in marketing strategies and tactics, mainly to B2B firms in Southern California. Industries Allen worked with include aviation, finance, automotive, electric vehicles, transportation, manufacturing, nutraceutical, skincare, logistics, and SaaS.

Marketing Resources: 2021

In early 2020, in response to the increasing unemployment and business closings due to COVID-19, Allen made the decision to change directions with Marketing Binder and develop marketing community where professional marketers can share ideas and offer services to business owners throughout the USA. A major part of the community the educational components of the site. These include the marketing terms section, online marketing courses, and other marketing tools to help marketing students, professional marketers, and business owners gain better understanding about marketing processes.

“In the dictionary, superlative means of the highest quality or degree. This is the best way I can describe Allen as a marketing professional, and a friend. I would highly recommend his talents to any company that wishes to move forward and grow with a positive attitude.”

Chris Ecarma, HR Recruiter
Chris Ecarma

Senior Recruiter

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