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How to Communicate To Your Customers During COVID-19


Understanding the Marketing Control Process The Covid-19 pandemic caught many businesses, specifically B2B firms, unprepared to manage a crisis of its magnitude. Managing supply chain challenges, customer support, and customer communication proved toilsome, especially for businesses without a crisis communication plan. Because of the lack of preparedness, many B2B firms found that their customers were switching to other suppliers for various reasons due to COVID-19. Having a communication plan does not guarantee that B2B customers would stay with their primary supplier. However, it does help reduce the firm's churn rate if customers receive sufficient and [...]

How to Communicate To Your Customers During COVID-192020-09-09T14:25:42-07:00

How to Write a Better Company Mission Statement


What is a Company Mission Statement? Organizations with a clear strategic focus have written mission and vision statements. A company mission statement communicates — most often in writing — the firm's reason for existing; it defines your organization's values and governing principles. The mission statement explains how the organization aims to serve its stakeholders, such as customers, employees, shareholders, and the community. Organizations with a communicated mission and value statements that align with their strategy, goals, and objectives outperform companies that do not have them. Not all organizations have a mission statement. Some have simple mission statements; that is, [...]

How to Write a Better Company Mission Statement2020-08-27T22:47:59-07:00
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