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What is Micromarketing Marketing?

Micromarketing is adapting products and marketing programs to fill specific people and local customer segments’ tastes.

Unlike differentiated and concentrated marketing, micromarketing looks at the individual in the customer, not the customer in the individual.

Micromarketing is an umbrella term for local marketing and individual marketing concepts.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is a marketing practice that adapts brands and marketing to local customers’ needs and wants.

For example, a healthcare clinic operating twenty-five urgent cares in the Central States, USA, adapts its marketing products and services to meet customers’ needs in each of their clinic’s locations. Each urgent care offers a local clinic healthcare guide that helps guide them to additional local medical resources and health programs that meet their local needs.

Some disadvantages of local marketing include the cost of implementation since localizing services and products cannot always take advantage of the economies of scale. It can also create logistic challenges as firms try to meet the different demands of each local market.

However, technology has improved local marketing efficiencies, making the benefits of local marketing outweigh its drawbacks.

Individual Marketing

Individual marketing is micromarketing at its extreme. Individual marketing, also known as one-to-one marketing or mass customization, adapts products and marketing programs to individual customers’ needs and preferences.

Mass-marketing may have shrouded individual marketing; the fact is that personal marketing is as old as marketing itself. Examples of earlier mass customization include the tailor-made suit, the custom cabinetmaker-made furniture made to order, and the cobbler-designed shoes for an individual.

Today, technology allows firms to return to individual marketing by providing customizations for each person. For example, Nike-by-You offers individuals the opportunity to customize shoes to fit their wants directly online and shipped to the customer’s door.

Not only are products and services customized with individual marketing, but so is the marketing message. Nike, using Nike+ user data, customized over 100,000 personalized animated videos for their users. Each one-minute video used location weather, activity, and individual movement data then was sent to each user to log in to their Nike+ account, view the video, and share it with friends. 

Micromarketing vs. Other Target Marketing Strategies


Micromarketing marketing focuses on the individual and local markets, unlike other target market strategies that focus on smaller shares of a broader market.

The marketing strategy allows firms to target specific individuals and build relationships with those individuals to create engaged, long-term customers. On a broader scale, micromarketing targets particular individuals in local markets that help deliver a more customized experience from a regional or national brand.

Other target marketing levels include undifferentiated marketingdifferentiated marketing, and concentrated marketing.

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